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To make your Ellie MD account, first, you’ll do a quick quiz to know what you need for your health. Then, based on your answers, you’ll get suggestions for products just for you. We’ll help you make your account step by step. Just follow the instructions and give the info needed to create your Ellie MD account and see your personalized product suggestions.

The Ellie MD Weight Management Program consists of three simple steps:

1. Register for an Ellie MD account and complete a medical survey online.
2. An Ellie MD-affiliated provider will review your information and prescribe medication if it’s deemed appropriate.
3. Your medication will be delivered to you from our mail-order pharmacy.

Our objective is to establish a lasting patient-provider relationship to provide ongoing personalized care. This program is well-suited for individuals seeking consistent and tailored long-term support.

At present, we welcome payments made with major credit and debit cards, including those issued by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, Ellie MD’s products qualify for payment through HSA/FSA accounts.

Weight Management:
Upon placing a weight management order, it is subject to a review process. You should anticipate receiving communication within 24-48 hours for the final review and approval of your prescription. Please note that our pharmacies are presently experiencing a processing time of 7-10 days.

Your medication may arrive with or without a cold pack, depending on the pharmacy. Rest assured that the medication is safe for consumption regardless of this. To maintain its quality, we advise placing the vial in the refrigerator as soon as you receive it.

  • If your prescription has already been approved by our doctor, you will receive a refund minus the $100 consultation fee. You will not be charged if your prescription has been rejected or if you have not yet consulted with our doctor.
  • For orders sent to the pharmacy, you will receive a refund minus the $100 consultation fee if the order is successfully cancelled. No refund will be issued for orders that have already been fulfilled and cannot be cancelled.

Compounded medications, which are tailored to individual needs, do not undergo FDA approval. FDA premarket clearance is reserved for specific drugs and medical devices, not for compounded pharmaceuticals. However, our compounding pharmacies adhere strictly to FDA-regulated Good Manufacturing Practices and exclusively use FDA-approved ingredients and medications. Our primary focus is on providing our customers with safe and effective products.

Weight Management:
To join the Ellie MD Weight Management Program, you need to be at least 18 years of age.

Our platform collaborates with licensed doctors from all states, ensuring that each of our medical services includes a consultation with a qualified medical professional.

All conversations with Ellie MD’s medical team are strictly confidential. We never disclose your information to third parties for financial gain. For further details about our privacy policy, please visit https://elliemd.com/privacy-policy/

Across three distinct clinical trials involving non-diabetic participants, those who were administered semaglutide at a weekly dose of 2.4 mg, while also adhering to a reduced-calorie diet and engaging in increased physical activity, achieved an average weight reduction of 15% of their body weight within a 68-week timeframe.

In a carefully conducted trial where neither participants nor researchers knew who received what, individuals taking regular tirzepatide at 15mg per week, in addition to following a reduced-calorie diet and increasing physical activity, saw an average weight loss of 21% over the span of 72 weeks.

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