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Become part of a vibrant community that empowers women and men to grow their businesses and improve their health. Whether you’re being uplifted, or uplifting someone, there is an Ellie in all of us. 

With open hearts, we inspire change, nurture growth, and make a difference in the lives of our family, friends, and followers. 

Our Vision

Add 20-30 Quality Years to Your Life

Our vision is bold and our mission is clear, to champion longevity and enhance the quality of life for generations to come. By making preventative longevity care more affordable and accessible, Ellie MD impacts the healthspan of our ourselves and loved ones.

Historically the elephant has symbolized family, strength, protection, wisdom, and good fortune. Our Ellie the Elephant takes that one step further by uplifting the clover, which symbolizes our communities.


We strive to help our brand partners and customers live longer, fuller lives, while uplifting our communities


At Ellie MD, we deeply value our Brand Partners,

ensuring that their well-being and growth remain at the heart of all that we do.


At Ellie, we prioritize wellness in everything we do. We believe that true health encompasses not only physical well-being but also mental and emotional balance. Our commitment to wellness means providing holistic solutions that empower individuals to thrive in every aspect of their lives. 


At Ellie, we’re passionate about helping you achieve a long, vibrant life filled with vitality and joy. Our longevity-focused approach combines innovative products, scientific research, and lifestyle strategies to promote healthy aging and enhance overall well-being. 


Empowerment lies at the heart of our mission at Ellie. We believe that every individual has the power to take control of their health and their life. Through education, support, and access to resources, we empower our community to make informed choices, set ambitious goals, and overcome obstacles. 


Real earnings, a caring community and a unique Telehealth opportunity.

Transformative Telehealth Platform

Be part of a cutting-edge telemedicine platform that brings healthcare directly to your clients’ homes. As an Ellie Brand Partner, you can offer personalized wellness solutions with the convenience of virtual consultations.

Earn Up to 40% Sales Commissions + Bonuses!

Our compensation plan is designed to generously reward your hard work and dedication. As an Ellie Brand Partner, you’ll enjoy competitive commissions, performance bonuses, and the potential for significant income growth

No Inventory or Shipping Required

Our streamlined telemedicine platform handles all product fulfillment and shipping, allowing you to concentrate on building your business and connecting with clients.

Start Your Own Business Instantly

After a short enrollment process and payment of $59, plus a low $5/mo technology fee to cover your personal business site, you’re in business.

Brand Partners Testimonials

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our Brand Partners have to say about their experiences at Ellie.

Working with Ellie MD has been inspiring. Their commitment to excellence motivate me every day. The best decision I ever made.

Rachel K.

I love being a consultant for Ellie MD. The products are amazing, and the earning potential is incredible! I highly recommend everyone join.

Rebecca C.

Being part of Ellie MD has been truly inspiring. Their passion and dedication have made a big difference to myself, and my customers.

Kathleen O.

It’s been an amazing experience working with Ellie MD. I am truly inspired by their dedication and thrilled to be part of the consultant team.

Lauren M.

Our goal is to contribute a portion of the proceeds to women's causes.

Through every sale, you become a part of a larger movement dedicated to fostering growth, wellness, and support for those in need. Together, we can build a stronger, more compassionate community.